by farmers.

Crafting Growth and Harvesting Success: Your Partner in Design and Marketing.



cul-ti-vate (verb): 

  1. to prepare and use land for crops or gardening.
  2. try to acquire or develop

Where creativity meets cultivation. 

We are your dedicated allies in the fields and waters, specializing in design and marketing solutions tailored to the unique needs of farmers, fishermen and markets. Our passion lies in helping you sow the seeds of success and reel in prosperity.

Meet Kristina.

Farm Cultivator was built by a designer & small business consultant, who also happens to be a farmer’s wife. She has a passion for helping farms, homesteaders, fisherman and markets build their brands and meet the needs in their communities. 

She brings an insider’s perspective to digital growth. Rooted in the agricultural world, she understands the unique needs and challenges farmers face. Her mission is to cultivate the online presence of small farms, fisheries, markets, and homesteads, empowering them to thrive and serve their community effectively. From crafting authentic branding to developing user-friendly websites and strategic marketing, she is here to sow the seeds of success in the digital landscape.

We strive to reflect the authenticity and hard work you put into every harvest.

A complete branding experience- from selecting colors and fonts that align with your vision for your brand to designing a custom logo that connects with your customers and brings your farm or business to life!

We build responsive Websites using WordPress (but also many other platforms including Shopify, Squarespace, & SquareOnline)- built to engage your customer, encouraging them to take action!  From email subscriptions to e-commerce solutions, we are ready to build a site that saves you time and simplifies how you get your product to your customer. 

We design & print custom items such as labels for your meats, produce containers and canned goods, business cards, brochures, stamps, t-shirts and more! We also offer consulting services to include guidance on Google Listings, social media best practices, and more. Ask about a digital audit.

We offer consulting & marketing services to include guidance on Google Listings, social media best practices, copywriting and more. Ask about a digital audit!

Who we serve

Farmers & Homesteaders

Your time should be spent plowing, planting, feeding, harvesting- not sitting in front of a computer trying to figure out how to sell your products online. We make it simple to manage!

Makers & Bakers

Cooking and creating is your jam- not coding and building out websites. Well, building brands and websites is our jam!

Markets & Organizations

Whether you want to set up grocery orders for your store or create a website to raise money for your non-profit organization, we are here to help. 

Fisherman & Food Producers

Computers & water don’t mix. Neither do computers in the kitchen. We can set you up so that you can do your thing!

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